Using Facebook for Network Marketing?

Network Marketing on Facebook. Facebook is the 2nd most visited site in the world. Only 2nd to Google. With over 947 Million monthly active users, it just makes sense to market your business on the top social media site in the world. And why not? All of the major companies are using Facebook to spread the gospel of their business. Have you noticed… when you wish one of your Facebook friends a “Happy Birthday” Facebook suggests that you buy them some of whatever they “Liked.” Starbucks, Netflix etc. Its genius in my opinion. So market your MLM business Facebook like the big guys. If not, you are doing yourself and your business a huge disservice.

Why Market on Facebook?

*483 Million daily users.
*425 Million mobile users
*The average user spends 20 minutes per visit.
*Everyday over 10,000 websites are integrating Facebook functionality into their sites.

3 Tips for Network Marketing on Facebook.

1- Give Value. So many network marketers miss this point. that’s because their so busy trying to make a sale or sign up. Giving before you receive is a wealth principal and is how the universe works. You have to lead with free value in order to connect with your Facebook friends/fans. You do this so you can bring them into your sales funnel. What kind of value? Helpful Articles or videos. Or answering a question that one of your friends has posted.

2- Give people an Incentive to “like” your page. Offer a Free gift in order to get likes for your fan page. The gift should be relevant to your network marketing company. Offer a free report, Coupons, training or whatever.Just make sure its related to your MLM Business. And don’t just collect likes. Whats the point of that? Engage with your fans and funnel them into your business.

3- Do Not Spam!!! Network Marketing on Facebook is not about spamming. What is Spam? Posting your company links on your friends timeline is spam. Sending Facebook friends info about your company that they didn’t ask for is spam. Nobody joins a company from seeing a spam post. People only join people that they: Know, Like and Trust. Most people go on Facebook to hangout, engage with their friends, be nosy and share their personal experiences. Nobody goes on Facebook to see MLM Commercials. Instead of spamming focus on building a relationship. Ask the right questions to see if their open to your opportunity. And if their not interested, its OK. Ask for a referral and move on.

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